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The Kimmy Sue


A Seafood Platter

Brothers Claudio and Paul Adragna are the men behind Kimmy Sue — the 26-metre fishing boat that plies the waters of Lake Erie to bring back the fresh local catch for Dockside Fisheries. The Adragna family’s love for fishing inspired the formation of the business, which has expanded to bring an incredible variety of fresh and frozen seafood to local markets.

A Humble Start

In the beginning, the Adragna family began their fishing company as Four Brothers, which then expanded into Dockside Fisheries, as we know it today. The family enjoyed fishing on Lake Erie and imagined a life spent supplying fresh fish to local customers. Launched in 2010, the family-operated company started selling the most prized catches —

Fresh Halibut!

Lake Erie perch and pickerel — at local farmers’ markets and to a few restaurants around Windsor and Essex County. Although one of the smallest operations in the area, the Dockside Fisheries name became well known and a permanent retail shop was added in the lakeside village of Wheatley, tucked into the southern corner of Chatham-Kent.

A Better Fish Story

In addition to yellow perch and pickerel (also known as walleye), Dockside soon added Lake Erie whitefish, white perch, white bass, and smelts. Fish are available fresh or frozen, in a variety of sizes, whole or dressed, with different cuts according to the kind of fish. A connection was formed to source fresh trout from Georgian Bay, and today Dockside Smoked Trout is a signature item. The wholesale business also expanded, with regular delivery to a large number of restaurants.

Fresh Wild-Caught Salmon

Further growth in the business has allowed Dockside to meet strong local demand for imported ocean fish and shellfish — including fresh oysters sourced from Canada’s West and East Coasts. The popular Josie’s Premium Seafood Salad contains Spanish octopus and whole non-bleached squid and cuttlefish. The wide selection of seafood at Dockside Fisheries now includes a thousand different products! But the Kimmy Sue still fishes Lake Erie daily, bringing home the local catch of the day.

Wholesale & Retail Fresh Fish & Seafood

913 3rd Concession Line (Drovers Rd)


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Local Fresh Fish
Fresh and Frozen West and East Coast Fish & Seafoood
Wholesale with Delivery to Southwestern Ontario Restaurants
Smoked Trout from Georgian Bay
Family Owned and Operated

Some of the Dockside Crew!

A Variety of Lobster Tails

Fishing in All Kinds of Weather