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EARLY ACRES WINERY: Wining is Our Business!

Written by The Editors

Mike & Susan Korpan

This is a passion come to reality for the Korpan family. After years of growing grapes and refining their selection, Mike and Sue Korpan, with their children Kristen and Bryce, made a transition from farmers to vintners on their 97-acre farm in 2012. “We believe in enjoying life’s special moments with family and friends,” say the Korpans. “The best way to do that is with a visit to our country setting winery and enjoying a glass of Early Acres wines.”

The Scene

The vineyard sits on seven and a half acres of the family farm’s sandy loam soil, perfectly located inland from the lake for warmer temperatures that allow for an early start to the growing season. The warm summers and cool fall weather provide an ideal combination of flavour and body to the wines. The Early Acres Retail Store operates out of the Korcan great grandparents’ home, built in 1949. A grain bin has been converted into a stage for special events.

Menu Highlights

All of the Early Acres wines, a pleasing mix of reds and whites, are made from 100% Canadian grapes. After just a few years the winery has produced a number of award-winning vintages.

Countryside Vineyard

Recommendations include the Across The Tracks Cabernet Franc, a rich medium-bodied red wine that exudes succulent berries. A couple of local fruit-wine blends — On The Lighter Side Riesling/Raspberry and Sweet Nothing Vidal/Black Currant — round out the delightful product line.


9494 Pioneer Line
(East of Prince Albert Road)


HOURS: THURS & FRI 11 am–6 pm
SAT 11 am–5 pm
PRICES: $14– $17 per bottle

Family Owned & Operated
Award-Winning Boutique Winery
Tastings Available
Stroll Charming Countryside Acres
Converted Grain Bin Stage

100% Canadian Grapes

Acres of Sandy Loam Soil

Converted Grain Bin Stage