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FROM THE MEADOW: Replenish. Revitalize. Relax… Naturally.

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What started out as a wild idea has turned into a 20-year-old success story. With the belief that ­Mother Nature provides more than enough wholesome ingredients to give us beautiful and healthy skin for life, this family-owned and operated rural business handcrafts an extensive range of skincare products in their “Farmacy” — each 100% natural. Visit “The Farmacy” and Jenny, the free-ranging donkey!

The Farmacy

The Farmacy

The Farmacy is the heart of From the Meadow, a vintage barn con­verted into a production centre and business headquarters. An amazing variety of natural products, made from local ingredients, are handcrafted onsite, manufactured to the highest standards. Most of the herbs contained in each cream and lotion are grown and hand-picked on the family farm, where the second generation is now taking a leading role.


The Doctrine of Signatures

The key to herbalist wisdom is to understand what Mother Nature provides for us. All of the herbal ingredients in From the Meadow products are present in sufficient quantity to ensure efficacy. They are combined to produce their desired effects based upon the theory known as “The Doctrine of Signatures.” The plant’s appearance frequently reveals its use to the body, such as the fuzzy leaf of Mullein indicating its value to the lungs. As the majority of the products are created with medicinal and complete body health in mind, this theory has been invaluable in their preparation.

A Fresh Herb Workshop

All products are made from the highest quality natural ingredients, such as The Secret Facial Moisturizer. This facial cream is fresh, luxurious, and softening to all skin types, and provides a gentle, age-defying lift that will help you look and feel amazing all day. Sometimes described as “Pure Skin Food,” it is a magical blend of flowers, mushrooms, roots and pure essential oils. The healing plants have antioxidant, antiseptic and ant-inflammatory properties that stimulate and enhance blood circulation, plumping skin and smoothing wrinkles. It’s also great for acne-prone skin! (Hint: The Secret cream is in the new “Our Secrets” Beauty Gift Set and the Facial Kit.) Check out the website for details on the exciting variety of natural products available. Each and every one is fully backed-up with the From the Meadow no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee.

Organic Skincare Farm & Producer

3881 Avon Drive (Hwy 37)

MON–FRI 10 am–4 pm
SAT 10 am–2 pm
THE MARKET at Western Fair:
SAT 8 am–3 pm
SUN 10 am–2 pm


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