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GRACE: Amazing Grace

The Editors
Written by The Editors

“Grace is named in tribute to my Grandmother, and will be clean and elegant and strong like her. It will have lots of light, the kind she brought into a room with her laughter, sharp like her wit and smooth like her humour. It will be full of love and inspire people to be and do their best. It will be vibrant and full of purpose and passion, resourceful and clever and scrappy but with dignity and class. It will be proud without being stiff and as at ease in the company of sophisticates or the rabble of locals. It must be hospitable. It must be adventurous. It must bring people together.” 

— Angie Murphy

Craft Cocktails

The Scene

Located on the ground floor of a yellow-bricked heritage building at the corner of Dundas and Clarence Streets, Grace brings strong elements of modernity and sophistication to the old core of Downtown London. Two walls of full-height windows provide generous natural light by day and reflect the comforting interior at night. 

Menu Highlights

Fundamentally, Grace is a restaurant about proper food that is absolutely delicious. Food made from fine ingredients with artistry and an uncompromising dedication to excellence. The cuisine style: Modern Canadian, drawing on classic French tradition and technique, delicately infused with global influences and local flavours. Everything must be properly made by skilled tradespeople that demonstrate passion for their craft. The principles of design inspire the composition of flavours as well as the presentation. A minimalist backdrop allows for the drama of the dish to be the focus. Grace is providing an outlet for London’s talent to shine. 

Certified Sommelier Peter Annson & Executive Chef Angie Murphy

Honesty, integrity, community and connection are the values behind each plate. A traceable supply chain with farmers, knowledgeable servers, skilled chefs, and a safe and supportive work environment provide a space where food can be appreciated on an ethical and intellectual level — but doesn’t have to be. Guests can enjoy their meal with confidence that the right choices have been made on their behalf. Dishes are the result of collaboration between humans and nature. Our mission is to do justice to the food in order to honour everyone that has collaborated to bring it to your plate.

Contemporary Canadian

215 Dundas Street (at Clarence)

Chef Driven Menus
Modern Canadian Cuisine Inspired by Local & Seasonal Ingredients
Private Room Available
In-house Sommelier

Our Inspiration: Grace Murphy


Grapefruit & Cinnamon Cocktail


Heritage Building Location