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GRACE BODEGA: London’s First Cafe, Wine Bar & Market

Written by Local Flavour

Grace Bodega

This unique shop offers enticing items reflecting the best of international grocery staples, artisanal baking, groceries, and seasonal local produce. You’ll find excellent espresso beverages and welcoming space to enjoy them. Fans of the grape will enjoy a special glass and an exciting bottle shop to take home natural wines from small producers from Ontario and around the world.

Sourdough Baked Goods

The Scene

Grace Bodega opened in the summer of 2021 directly next door to sister restaurant Grace. Following much of the same ethos as the restaurant, Grace Bodega is a multi-faceted business with a focus on local and artisanal products.

By day, you’ll find an excellent café and fresh market offering international pantry staples and local dairy, eggs, and produce when in season.

At night, the Bodega transforms into London’s first and only natural wine bar and bottle shop, featuring small-batch, handmade wines from tiny producers, never available at the LCBO.

Organic/Biodynamic Unfiltered Wines

Menu Highlights

Two types of espresso are offered, as well as pour-over and house-crafted specialty coffee beverages. The house “Grace Blend” is roasted by Las Chicas in St. Thomas and a selection of experimental and world-class beans are roasted by Subtext Coffee Roasters in Toronto.
Baked goods are made in-house, with a focus on sourdough, including loaves, baguettes, and a rotating selection of pastries, cookies, and other prepared foods available for dine-in or take out.

The bottle shop focus is on organic/biodynamic unfiltered wines, made with little to no additives. You’ll taste the difference immediately. Choices may be from the Czech Republic, Canary Islands, the Republic of Georgia, France, Italy, and Spain, as well as local wines from small producers in Niagara and Prince Edward County. Wine is available for both dine-in and to take home.

Snacks and small bites are also available, such as oysters, housemade dips, cheese and charcuterie, quiche, and more.

Contemporary Canadian

211 Dundas Street (at Clarence)

Artisanal Pantry Items
Espressos & Specialty Drinks
Natural Wines Bottle Shop
Seasonal Local Produce
Seasonal Patio
Eat-In or Takeout Food
Plenty of Nearby Parking