MUNRO HONEY & MEADERY: Honey from Hive to Table

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The Bryans family invites you to visit Ontario’s sweetest secret. Munro Honey & Meadery is literally buzzing with activity, and is one of the largest producers and packers of pure Canadian honey and hive products in the province. A fascinating video showcasing honey production — from hive to table — complements an active observation hive to watch and learn about the magic of the honeybee. You’re guaranteed to get a sweetened appreciation of bees and honey.


100% Natural Ontario Honey

The Scene

Back in 1914, Warren Munro captured his first swarm of bees. His business thrived, and in 1958 young beekeeper Howard Bryans purchased the company from Munro. Howard’s sons, Davis and John, took over the operation in 1989. Today, a modern 12,000-square-foot Honey House utilizes the latest in modern honey production equipment. The gift shop offers a wide variety of premium Munro Honey food products (liquid and creamed honey) in a variety of sizes and containers, hive products like beeswax candles, and an assortment of practical and whimsical bee-themed giftware.

Dry, Semi-Sweet & Sweet Meads

Menu Highlights

For centuries, honey has been used to produce Mead, also known as Honey Wine. Munro Honey launched Ontario’s first meadery in 1999, and has developed a unique selection of premium meads — winning international awards for quality and taste. Sample a variety of traditional meads as well as melomel (fruit blend) flavours, such as raspberry and black currant.
Be sure to also try the gourmet honeys (cinnamon, apple- cinnamon, chocolate and jalapeño), honey butters and single-source nectars (like blueberry blossom). Delicious!

Honey Farm & Meadery

3115 River Street (N of Hwy 80)

MON–FRI 9 am–5 pm
MON–SAT 9 am–5 pm

Honey and Hive Products
Mead & Melomel (Fruit & Honey Wine)
Giftware and Gift Baskets
Observation Hive
Demonstration Video
Knowledgeable Staff
Ample Free Parking


Family Owned & Operated

Cranberry Melomel (Fruit & Honey)

Retail Store & Gift Shop