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PIZZERIA MADRE: Authentic Wood-fired Artisanal Pizzeria

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Pizzeria Madre

Chef Matt Reijnen and Jessica Washburn offer an exceptional experience at Pizzeria Madre, bringing a contemporary local twist to Italian-inspired cuisine. The Malagutti fired pizza oven turns out pizzas with a perfect crust and a variety of authentic, seasonally-inspired dishes.

Pizzeria Madre

The Scene

Situated in a 130-year-old building in London’s recently revitalized SoHo neighbourhood, this licensed, contemporary resto is casual yet sophisticated and nicely appointed with high ceilings, tile floors, picture windows, whitewashed walls and a partially-open kitchen. The custom-made bar and tables are made of local pine. Service is genuinely warm and intelligent.



Pizzeria Madre

Menu Highlights

Enjoy an appealing selection of authentic stone-fired pizzas and small plates for sharing. Curated Italian wines are available by bottle or glass, or choose a local craft beer or classic cocktail. Menus are spiked with fresh seasonal ingredients and are ever-changing, often with a new daily feature added as a bonus.

Pizzeria Madre

The “Pizze” Menu offers amazing flavour combinations that work beautifully, each with a perfect crust made from naturally-leavened sourdough pizza dough. Carnivores, vegans and vegetarians will find appealing options, and any pizza can be modified upon request.

Don’t forget to leave room for dessert — another reason to experience the kitchen’s diverse strengths. For dine in or take-out, this is more than just another pizza joint!


Farm-to-Table Italian Pizzeria

111 Wellington Street
(between Hill & South Streets)
MAP B p20: 519-432-4333

Naturally-Leavened Sourdough Pizza Crust
Rotating Local Craft Beer Selection
Seasonal Patio