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RHÉO THOMPSON CANDIES: Real Chocolate Since 1969

Written by The Editors

“We make but one thing, and we do that well. CANDY.” This company adage sums up Rhéo Thompson’s traditional, time-tested approach. They have been using the same recipes, techniques and tools for the past 50 years. In the business of putting smiles on people’s faces since 1969, that is a whole lot of happiness.

Hand-Wrapped Gifts

The Scene

Co-owner spouses Marc Johnstone and Kristene Steed take hands-on roles in the business. Marc leads the kitchen staff, who make all 152 confections in traditional copper kettles, stirred by hand with wooden paddles, in small batches each day. Kristene heads up the busy retail store and ensures exceptional customer service to help you find old favourites and new delights. An in-store design team creates ornate displays for every occasion and season. Hundreds of people turn out every year on the first Sunday in November to see the new Christmas displays unveiled. The hand-wrapped gifts are also works of art. Rich cherry wood displays evoke days past, and in a throwback to old fashioned candy stores, you can select your favourite treats from a large glass showcase.

Mint Smoothies in Vintage-style Tins

Menu Highlights

The signature item is a Mint Smoothie® — a glossy chocolate shell containing the mouth-filling mint “smoothie” centre, soft without being gooey, fudge-like without being overly sweet or too dense. Just … smooth. And unforgettable. This spawned a variety of partnerships with local businesses to create unique Mint Smoothie® products. such as: Coffee with the Baden Coffee Co.; Liqueur with Junction 56 Distillery; Ice Cream with Harmony Organics; Tea with Tea Leaves Tea Tasting Bar; and Hand Lotion & Lip Balm with Coconut Theory. The wide range of other confections includes traditional hard candies like Humbugs and Horehounds, classic buttercream centres enrobed in chocolate, and an enticing array of nuts and caramels.

Traditional Candy
& Chocolate Store

55 Albert Street (E of Downie)

HOURS: MON–SAT 9 am–5:30 pm
SUN 11 am–3 pm
(May through December)
NOTE: Extended evening hours
around the holidays

50 years of Candy-Making Tradition
Home of the Famous Mint Smoothie®
Small-batch Production at
Onsite Candy Factory
Handcrafted Confections
Seasonal Gifts Wrapped by Hand
Stratford Culinary Trails Participant
Tours & Tastings Available
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Assorted Mint Smoothies®

A Variety of Small Batch Candies

Scotch & Chocolate Tasting Events