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SLEGERS LIVING ORGANIC GREENS: Living. Certified Organic. Innovative. Local.

Written by The Editors

The Slegers family and their dedicated staff have been busy making changes in 2019. They have erected a bright new Farm Gate retail location next door to the original building. While much has evolved over 32 years of experience growing greens on the family farm, the business still remains grounded in simple truths. As Jo Slegers says, “Eat healthy. Slow down. Enjoy life.”

Pauline & Jo Slegers

The Scene

Being a small family farm, Slegers appreciates seeing its organic greens purchased locally. Along with selling greens to wholesalers, restaurants, specialty retailers, health food stores and organic home box delivery customers throughout Ontario, Jo and Pauline retail greens at their farmgate store directly to their Strathroy neighbours and customers from London and surrounding areas. Their greenhouses are producing fresh, living greens 12 months a year, seeding and harvesting their products every week, providing consistency and reliability. All of Slegers’ staff live in the Strathroy area, which further supports the local community’s economy.

Packaged Living in Soil

Snip, Rinse and Serve!

Slegers Organic Greens are packaged living in soil. All you need to do is snip and serve them. Freshness and quality is unsurpassed and benefits are threefold:
• They last longer this way.
• They taste better this way.
• They are better for you this way.

Summer Lettuce

Dozens of products are grown, including a variety of lettuces, aromatic and delicious herbs like basil, greens such as arugula, and micro greens, for example, pea tenders and sunflower sprouts. Check out the website for product pictures and descriptions, including the Slegers ­Selection page, which shows mixed boxes of product in each category, providing the ultimate convenience for chefs.
Certified Organic since 2004, Slegers Greens continues to focus on providing excellent quality products while keeping exceptional customer service and food safety as the supporting cornerstones of the business.

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Organic Greens Producer

7496 Calvert Drive
(at Sutherland Road)

MON–FRI 9 am–5 pm
SAT 9 am–1 pm


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