SUNSHINE FARMS: Taste the Sunshine!

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Claudia and John Jaques started growing asparagus in 1982. The family loved Claudia’s recipe for pickled asparagus spears and soon realized, “You just can’t keep something like that all to yourself.” The business sprouted nicely from there, and it now offers 33 types of pickles, including a “zesty” version of asparagus, enhanced by jalapeno peppers!

Promptly Packed from Field to Jar

A Family Farm Approach

This fifth-generation (and counting!) Chatham-Kent family farm retains a down-to-earth approach despite the tremendous growth in processing and marketing their delicious products. Claudia and John Jaques, with their sons Josh, Ben and Adrian, have grown the Sunshine Farms product line from the original Pickled Asparagus to over 33 types of pickles, most of which are certified organic. Adrian Jaques is taking a leading role in expanding the legacy his parents created and is now managing the family farm and business. He’s also the man to see if you want a personalized behind-the-scenes tour. We suggest booking between May and August to witness the operation in full production mode.

Regular, Zesty & Extra Zesty!

The recipes remain family secrets, but even kids can read the labels and understand the simple list of ingredients. There are no preservatives, fillers, dyes or additives, and all vegetables are hand-picked fresh, processed and jarred by hand, sometimes all in one day. Additional herbs and spices are locally sourced, supporting other family farms. While both the traditional and organic Pickled Aparagus (crisp fresh asparagus taste enhanced by garlic and dill) remain family faves, the Zesty Pickled Asparagus, with extra pop from jalapeno peppers, is particularly popular as the ideal garnish for a great Caesar.

Fresh Cucumbers for Pickling

Many products are jarred either sliced or speared, great for sandwiches, garnishes and as a snack straight from the jar! The farm’s Sunshine Shoppe is a great way to purchase directly, and it’s the only source for some products — like “Extra Zesty.” Visit Sunshine Farms for exclusive in-store-only products, discounts and promotions. Preorder for pickup, or home delivery is available. You’ll also find Sunshine Farms products at better retailers across the country.

Agricultural Farm & Pickle Processor

30043 Jane Road (Hwy 23)


HOURS: MON–FRI 9 am–4:30 pm
Check website for seasonal changes
$3.50 – $11 per jar

Locally-sourced Ingredients
Family Run & Owned
Traditional & Organic Product Lines
Nationwide Shipping & Product
Over 33 Pickle Products Available
Guided Tours by Appointment

Acres of Delicious Asparagus

33 Varieties of Local Pickles