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TG’S ADDIS ABABA RESTAURANT: Family Friendly, Veg/Vegan Choices

Written by The Editors

For more than a decade, T.G.’s Addis Ababa Restaurant has offered a tour de force from the Ethiopian culinary repertoire by chef/restaurateur T.G. Haile. 

T.G. Haile

The Scene

The modest restaurant is tucked away slightly off the beaten track in an unassuming brick building on Dundas Street. The decor reflects the ancient Ethiopian culture, which makes an exotic yet comfortable, homey atmosphere.

Menu Highlights

Dining at T.G.’S Addis Ababa Restaurant is characterized by the ritual of breaking injera (traditional yeast-risen flatbread, spongy in texture, crèpe-like in appearance, with sourdough tanginess) and sharing food from a communal platter, strengthening bonds of loyalty and friendship.

Truly authentic Ethiopian cuisine features a harmonious blend of flavours. T.G.’s signature dishes comprise variations of sweet, bitter, sour, salty, hot and fragrant, including a large variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Meat dishes fall mostly into two distinct categories: red stews (wat), which include berbere, and green stews (alicha wat), which do not. Ethiopian cuisine does not include pork. Recommendations include:

Dulet Kitfo — minced lean beef, cooked with butter, onion, jalapeno pepper, and a special addis spice; 

Defen Misr — green lentils cooked with traditional seasoning, onion and curry.

Authentic Ethiopian Cuisine

465 Dundas St. (at Maitland)

TUES–SUN 11 am–10 pm 

By reservation
Closed Monday

MENU: $12 – $17

Platters for sharing for 2 or 4, or individual plates
Traditional Cuisine & Spices
Plant-based Menu Available
Ethiopian Coffee Ceremonies
African Wines and Local Craft Beers
Reservations Recommended
Take-Out & Catering Available

An Injera Platter Combination


Communal & Family-Style Serving


Classic Ethiopian Dishes